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Out soon on The Ghost Is Clear/Late Bloomer Records.


released July 29, 2013

recorded and mixed by sean pearson one hazy weekend in hamilton, on, march, 2012.
mastered by feverpitch audio.



all rights reserved


CREEPER Toronto, Ontario

mostly bad people playing mostly bad music.

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Track Name: Mother
She came home to a notice on the door
She didn't need to read it
She knew what it said
Pack your shit
You have thirty days to leave
And then she looked at us and said
"We're going to be just fine"
She hid her uncertainty with a smile
How it killed to watch you suffer
How i hate to watch you fall
And those pills weren't helping anymore
Three kids and a dead end job
Wearing you down
But you always pulled us through
My words won't do
But I wouldn't change a thing
Track Name: Half Lit Life
It's getting worse
More obvious everyday
But I'm the one that's paranoid
I'm checking out
You can feel it in your pores
You can feel it in your lungs
It's getting harder to breathe
So much for greener pastures
So what
Summer heat all year round
Will you be happy When we all drown
So give my lungs to the grass and trees
Bones to the earth
I have no need
Bleed me to dust
We're all dust
Track Name: Privileged
I'm sorry for laughing
I should be ashamed
I'm sorry for playing the cynic
You used to laugh with me
There used to be enough common ground to walk on
Well i guess some things change
You started drawing lines
Started choosing sides
You can point your finger
I can't deny my privilege
Does it help to ease your guilt?
You're not saying anything
I haven't heard before
I know
We inherited everything they stole
We have a long way to fall
Keep throwing rocks at the glass ceiling
Don't tell me I'm just like them
Make me pay
For my privileged sex
For my privileged skin
Make me beg
Track Name: Drag
I'll keep my mouth shut
Don't let them in
Hands shake
I can't see straight
Drifting further
Loosing touch
I'm sorry if i seem distant
I'm not here
There is all this noise in my head
I'm crawling in my skin
Make it stop
I'll stay in bed
Smoke these thoughts away
The days drag on
And on and on
The years slip past me
Track Name: Trunk Buffet
Maybe we can fill this void
Spill our guts on the open road
Leave our lives on the wayside
Never stop to question why
Just fucking drive
We're killing time
Memories will justify the means
We're doing fine
We all have our vices
Our own ways to cope
This is ours
I'll sleep when I'm underground